The Gate (with vocals mostly removed)

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The Gate (with vocals mostly removed)

Postby Lionsong » Fri, Sep, 15, 2017 10:20 am

i tried to remove the main vocals from the gate. you can hear them a little bit because of the reverb, but now the instrumental and backing harmonies are much louder, and it means you can hear all those little details you might not have heard before. here it is: ... ed/s-mC6Gt

the vocal harmonies during 2:14-2:18 are very interesting!! you'll see what i mean when you hear it

also one thing i noticed is that without the main vocals and the bassline, its sometimes hard to tell the tonality of this song (what key its in). the bassline and main melody really establish the key, and when you remove them, you are left with some very dissonant harmonies and very strange modal keyboard flourishes that make it hard to tell what key its in.

(also if you want you are free to check out my soundcloud haha!)
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